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The finished goods usually have a huge Bill of Material (BOM) and this consumes a lot of time issuing raw material to your subcontractor with more chances of missing certain items out. EPPS GRO ERP has the perfect solution for this problem that occurs in most LED panel manufacturers.

The Material Issue option is available in EPPS GRO for subcontracting
• Lists all the raw material required to be issued
• Easy to select raw materials across batches
• Prevents excess issue of raw material

EPPS is a people-driven technology company that aims at providing ERP solutions,
• Designed and developed for growing enterprises
• Designed by Business People, for Business People

We have a good knowledge of the problems this industry deals with every day.

EPPS GRO uses the latest technology which is a combination of Java and PostgreSQL. It is a future-ready platform that can easily accommodate any future technological advancements and manage high volume of data with the growing number of users. It also ensures easy migration of existing customers from an old platform to a new one – seamlessly, without any risk of data loss.

Features of EPPS GRO ERP
GST Ready
Multi Currency Support
Multi Browser Compatible*
Document Management
Masters & Opening Balance Uploading
Free Of Third Party Licensing
Audit Trail Logs
Multi Lingual Support*
Flexible Concurrent User Licensing Policy
Notifications For Approvals & Confirmation
Email/SMS Integration*
Intuitive User Interface
Broadcast Notification Messages
Multi Smart Device (Desktop/Laptop/
Bar Coding*
Compatible With Multiple Operating Systems (Except MAC)
*Limited availability
Experience the benefits of a process driven, professional ERP with more controls and features.
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